Kam Chancellor and a few of his friends visited a closed gym in Redmond this week, trying to sniff out a new venue in which to house his very popular fitness bootcamps. But when Chancellor attempted to ask for information about the gym, the employees called the police. During an interview with 99.1 in Seattle, Chancellor went into detail about the incident.

From ESPN:

In the 911 call, one of the employees described Chancellor and his friends as "bad news," and assumed them to be either "heroin addicts" or "homeless kids." They looked like precisely none of those things, which Chancellor pointed out on Twitter and Instagram soon after hearing the tape of the 911 call, which was released earlier today.

The owner of the gym later said that he believed his employees' actions to have been "appropriate," in light of recent break-in attempts. And though the police called the incident a "misunderstanding" and acknowledged that Chancellor was just trying to buy the place, they do encourage local businesses to err on the side of calling 911 when in doubt.