Schrager podcast: Aaron Rodgers isn't what's wrong with the Packers

In the latest edition of Peter Schrager's podcast, Schrager discusses what team the Patriots could be worried about in the playoffs, and what the real issue is with the Packers. He's joined by NFL Network reporter Jane Slater, who is based in Dallas, to talk all things inside the Cowboys locker room.

Plus, Schrags previews and predicts every game on the NFL schedule this weekend. Highlights below:

:30 -- €“ Why the Patriots need to be worried about the Chiefs in the AFC

4:00 -- Aaron Rodgers isn't what's wrong with the Packers

23:45 -- €“ What is the Cowboys' plan for Romo next season?

27:00 -- €“ The Cowboys have extremely strong team chemistry in the locker room

31:10 -- €“ The Cowboys NOT bringing back Greg Hardy is the best thing they did this season

32:15 -- €“ Mark Sanchez has played an integral role in helping Dak Prescott

38:40 -- €“ Schrager previews and predicts every NFL game this weekend