Schein 9: Temptations to avoid in draft

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I'm a good guy. I try to help. I care.

For the fifth consecutive year we present our annual list of guys we would NOT select in the upcoming draft. Some young men just will never become legit pro ball players. Others have major character concerns. Others will never live up to where they are drafted.

Here are nine guys to stay away from, Schein 9 style...

1. Dez Bryant, Oklahoma State WR

An amazing talent, but is Dez Bryant worth it?

Several NFL teams have already eliminated the troubled receiver from their boards. And I would as well.

Let's not minimize Bryant lying to NCAA investigators about his relationship with Deion Sanders. He fibbed. He ruined his junior season. Bryant hurt his Oklahoma State teammates.

We've seen so many teams give up on diva receivers who have talent but aren't worth the headache. Bryant falls into this category. I'm not concerned about his upbringing or childhood. I'm concerned about his attitude.

Ask yourself: Do you really trust Dez Bryant?

2. Anthony Davis, Rutgers OT

The Rutgers tackle has star potential. But several NFL executives question his focus and drive and it makes him a boom or bust prospect.

Davis left scouts scratching their heads about why he didn't show up for the Rutgers pro day. And then you had conflicting reasons why he was AWOL.

That's a huge deal.

While he did hold an impressive private workout for scouts, NFL executives started to whisper if you could actually bank on the youngster.

Davis will go in the first round. He might even go to Oakland, Buffalo or Seattle in the top 10. Davis could be a target of Dallas or Green Bay later in the first round. I'd pass on him. Let him be someone else's headache.

3. Terrence Cody, Alabama DT

One high-powered NFL decision maker told me he is very concerned about Cody's "flabby physique." The picture of a beefy Cody with his shirt off is enough to scare you away.

I happen to like Cody a lot as a player, but when you are out of shape, it leads to injuries. And you can't help the club sitting in the tub.

4. Bruce Campbell, Maryland OT

Hide the women, children and Mike Mamula. Or Vernon Gholston. Or whatever "looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane" example you want to cite, meaning an athletic freak at the Scouting Combine who fizzles on the field with the pads on.

Campbell missed three games in 2009 with a sprained MCL and turf toe. Campbell only played in 27 career games and started just 17. I don't care about the 4.75 40-yard dash and 34 reps at 225 pounds at the Combine. Campbell just isn't ready.

5. Aaron Hernandez, Florida TE

Don't be surprised when one of Tim Tebow's go-to guys takes a bit of a tumble on draft day.

Sure, the numbers on the collegiate level are strong, with 68 catches and 850 receiving yards last year, tops in the nation at the tight end position.

But one executive wonders if he is a "product of the system" or a "true tight end" while another says "there are issues with his commitment when you dive deeper."

We dove. We will pass.

6. Jevan Snead, Mississippi QB

I've heard arguments that Snead, who started his career at Texas, is a top 10 quarterback. He certainly has an NFL arm.

I wouldn't draft him. I don't want to hear about the swine flu. Snead had a terrible final season at Ole Miss -- 20 picks. Once a top-rated recruit, Snead has never lived up to expectations.

7. Charles Brown, USC OT

Some scouts call him "too raw" to be a big time contributor at the NFL level and an "underachiever." A trend in the draft the last few years is there are always more offensive tackles picked in the first two rounds than you anticipate.

Some draft gurus think Brown can make it into the first round. I think that's nuts. Brown only started two seasons at USC and the former tight end is far from being a finished product.

8. LeGarrette Blount, Oregon RB

The punch is a lasting image. And so is the 4.70 40-yard dash at the Combine. It's a combination that will lead NFL teams in a different direction

9. Mike Williams, Syracuse WR


And I shout this as a devoted fan and alum of Syracuse athletics. Williams has major maturity issues and quit the 'Cuse football team last year. He was suspended in 2008, suspected of cheating on an exam. The resume doesn't get much worse than that!

I don't want to hear about his visit to Tampa or his impressive workout for Miami. Mike Williams can play football. But he isn't worth the major trouble, as Syracuse found out.

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