Report: Women claim abuse by U.S. gymnastics coach

Three women have accused a former Olympic gymnastics coach of sexual abuse, according to a report.

The women came forward to the Orange County register to say that Don Peters, who coached the 1984 U.S. women's gymnastics team to eight medals, had sex with three gymnasts in the 1980s.

One woman, Doe Yamashiro, accused Peters of fondling her repeatedly beginning when she was 16 and having intercourse with her when she was 17.

A second woman, who asked not to be identified in the story, said Peters had sex with her when she was 18 even though the coach knew the young gymnast had been sexually abused by her father.

A former assistant director of SCATS, a Huntington Beach gymnastics club built by Peters, told the paper the coach had confessed to her in the early 1990s to having sex with Yamashiro, the unidentified second gymnast and a third teenage gymnast.

According to the paper, the women are coming forward "to expose the sport's exploitative culture and USA Gymnastics' failure to pursue sexual abuse more aggressively."

Yamashiro and Linda McNamara, the former SCATS assistant director, have reported the allegations to USA Gymnastics, according to the paper, which said that an investigation is underway.