Red Bull Salzburg defender plays Champions League match in RB Leipzig shirt

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Austrian club Red Bull Salzburg played Latvian champions FK Liepaja in the second round of Champions League qualification Tuesday, but a third team was bizarrely represented on the pitch.

Salzburg defender Andreas Ulmer was spotted wearing the shirt of another Red Bull-owned club, German Bundesliga debutants RB Leipzig. The error was only noticed after the match, probably because both clubs' kits look exactly identical.

Nike has outfitted both teams for the past two years, and this year's home kits are both solid white with the Red Bull logo in the middle. The one difference, of course, is the crest. But given that both clubs are owned by Red Bull, even those are eerily similar. Too similar, it turns out.

Here's the Salzburg kit on the left, and Leipzig's on the right:

Making the story even weirder is that in the official team photo before the match, Ulmer was wearing a Salzburg kit like the rest of his teammates. The left back must have made a shirt swap at halftime, so Ulmer basically played for two teams on Tuesday.

After the match, no one could explain what happened, though it was most likely nothing more than a simple packaging error. Nike had sent Salzburg between 600 and 700 kits during the summer. All of them have since been checked and no other rogue Leipzig kits were found.

Or so they say.