Pete Rose discusses first meeting with Commissioner Manfred

Pete Rose's case for reinstatement into baseball is still pending review, but Commissioner Rob Manfred recently stated that he hopes to have a decision on Rose's case by the end of the year.

"We are in the process of finalizing our review of the files," Manfred told WTEM radio on Wednesday. "We had a conversation (Wednesday) about scheduling a meeting with Mr. Rose. After that meeting I will give Mr. Rose a decision that will happen before the end of this year."

Rose first met the commissioner while attending the MLB All-Star Game in July. Thursday on FOX Sports 1's MLB Whiparound he spoke about their meeting and his first impressions of the commissioner.

"I got to meet him at the All-Star Game when we were over there with FOX working the game," Rose said. "What I liked about the commissioner just from my five or six minute meeting was he seemed to be a fan ... He was a great guy and he just seemed like a real fan of the game of baseball and that's what you need from a commissioner. Not only to make decisions, but to be a fan of the sport and I think Rob is."

Watch the whole video below.