Olympic officials apologize for using incorrect Chinese flag

There's a slight problem with the Chinese flags that have been used in some Olympic medal ceremonies during the Games, and viewers in China called for a fix after spotting the error during the shooting events over the weekend.

The Chinese flag features one large star surrounded by four smaller stars set in a semicircle. On the official Chinese flag, the outer stars are tilted in such a way that each has an outer point directed toward the large star's central point.

In the flags used in Olympic medal ceremonies, however, the outer stars are in parallel with the large star.

Fortunately, the error should be corrected soon.

Via CNN:

"We do understand that there is a problem with the flag," said Mario Andrada, Rio 2016 Olympic Games executive communications director, on Monday. "It's very small. You have to be very familiar with the Chinese flag to understand that. However, we need to correct it. .... Yesterday we managed to contact the company producing these flags and they are producing a bunch of flags correctly now, so the first flags should be delivered here shortly."

According to CCTV, all of the flags used in medal ceremonies - including the incorrect Chinese flags - were actually made in China.