New York Jets Match Up: Tim Tebow vs. Mark Sanchez

Let’s pretend there actually is a quarterback competition going into Jets training camp. Let’s pretend that New York is like the movie Highlander… there can only be one.

Who would win between Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow?

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There’s a few ways to look at this.

Passing:  Let’s face it Sanchez is a better passer than Tebow.  Tebow has some issues in the technique department, that’s being kind. Sanchez is in some ways a prototype for the tools and skills a quarterback should possess.

Running: Tebow is a scrambler that barrels through the end zone like a fullback. He wins hands down.  Sanchez is an old school pocket passer, he runs if he has to but his money is made in the air.

Leadership: Sanchez is more of a role player. He does his part but hasn’t really led his team to victory. He hasn’t put the team on his shoulders and pushed them to be better. In all honesty, Sanchez has not been the leader the team expects him to be and that’s why Prima Donna wide receivers are running wild.

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As for Tebow, last season he didn’t play well, overall. What he did was will his team to believe in him and play at his best when the game was on the line. His teammates got behind him and it brought him success last year.

Being a quarterback is 30% passing, 20% running, and 50% leadership.

If Tebow does get the starting position, his leadership will be the reason why.

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