Mike Smith robs Jordan Eberle with amazing 'save of the year' candidate

It's been a frustrating year for Jordan Eberle. The Oilers forward is on pace for his lowest full season goals total of his career, but he can't really seem to catch a break either.

Take this sequence from Monday night's game against the Coyotes in Edmonton. Eberle had a great breakaway chance in the second period and made a great move on Arizona goalie Mike Smith. Eberle was so confident that he had Smith beat that he raised his arm in celebratory triumph.

Unfortunately for Eberle, Smith flashed the glove and stopped Eberle cold with what will certainly be in the "save of the year" discussion at season's end. The netminder showed some incredible athleticism to slide laterally and get full extension to pick the shot out of mid-air cleanly.

Had it gone in, it would have been Eberle's first goal in 18 games and just his second since November. At this point, the monkey on his back may as well be Kong.