Messi's missed penalty ball is about to make one fan an absurd amount of money

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Lionel Messi doesn't fail often, so when he missed his penalty kick in Argentina's Copa America final loss to Chile, the ball he skied into the stands instantly became a valuable piece of history. That value only skyrocketed once Messi made it known after the game that it was the last ball he'd ever kick in an Albiceleste kit.

But one man's pain is another man's gain, and the lucky fan who plugged Messi's mishit out of the air and smuggled it out of MetLife stadium is about to earn himself a nice little payday off Messi's misery.

Chile fan Pedro Vasquez says he already received several offers for the ball, the highest bid coming in at a whopping €27,000 ($30,000). Vasquez told Marca that should he get even bigger offers, it'll be difficult for him not to sell.

"The truth is that if the ball becomes any more valuable, it would be a risk to have it in my house," he said. "It is nice to have the ball, but if it keeps rising in price, I'll sell."

$30,000 for a soccer ball is pretty ridiculous, but if you're Vasquez you've got to see this one out a bit, no? Now that the news is out there, we can only imagine that interest in the ball will only grow. Heck, he might even receive a huge anonymous bid out of Madrid, if you catch our drift.