You cannot write whatever you want on Twitter and not pay the consequences.

At least that’s the case in Spain.

The country’s Secretary of State for Security, Francisco Martínez, levied a fine of 60,001 euros—or about $68,000—and a five-year ban from any sporting events to a Twitter user who expressed joy at the death of a soccer fan.

About an hour before a Nov. 30 match between Deportivo La Coruña and Atlético Madrid at Vicente Calderón stadium in Spain’s capitol, violent confrontations took place between ardent supporters of the clubs, known as “ultras.”

The fined person, who hasn’t been named by the government, responded to the death of lifelong Deportivo fan, Francisco “Jimmy” Romero Taboada, by posting the tweet, “I want to express my absolute and sincere happiness over the death of the [Deportivo fan]. A son of a bitch who won’t ever fight again. I hope more of them die.”

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Romero Taboada, 43, died after being beaten and then thrown into the Manzanares River by members of the Frente Atlético fan group.

In another tweet the person wrote, “To the Frente Atlético killers, you’re a little behind, aren’t you? Many stayed behind from both sides to hit each other. The pity is only one of them died.”

Apart from Romero Taboada, 11 others were injured during the clashes, including a police officer.

According to the El Pais, four men have been charged in connection with his death. A few dozen others who were held in connection with the melee were released without charges.

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