Looking to put Boston behind them, USOC leaders search for a new 2024 candidate

Embarrassing as the debacle in Boston may have been, chances are it will be nothing more than a distant memory when the vote for the 2024 Olympics finally rolls around.

That's still more than two years away, and the U.S. Olympic Committee has seven weeks to replace Boston with a more willing candidate.

On Tuesday, the next phase of the USOC's selection process began, with all eyes focused on Los Angeles. Mayor Eric Garcetti has already expressed a willingness to listen if the USOC does call. San Francisco and Washington were also on the initial short list of the USOC's domestic candidates.

Among those watching with interest is Chuck Wielgus, the executive director of USA Swimming. He says people have short memories, and expects Boston to be forgotten quickly if the USOC moves forward with another city.