LeBron finally moving to L.A. (don't hold your breaths, Lakers fans)

LeBron James is heading to L.A. It's hardly a new rumor.

But this time, there's a twist -- and some actual truth to the rumor -- according to the sleuths at TMZ. In a "TMZ Sports" segment on Tuesday, it was revealed that The King just bought a palace in Los Angeles (six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, nearly 10,000 square feet).

You can see more details (as well as photos of the mansion) in the video above (which you can also see here). But if you think James' next Decision is all about basketball, think again. Some notable tidbits from the video:

** He is actually moving to L.A. to "be a billionaire mogul movie producer dude."

** His pad is actually in the suburb of Brentwood, most noteworthy as the city where O.J. Simpson and Nicole Brown lived, and where Brown and Ron Goldman were killed in 1994.

** The house is "less than a tenth of a mile" from the house in which O.J. Simpson lived.