Jaguars OW Denard Robinson switches to No. 16, his college number at Michigan

Former Michigan star Denard Robinson is wearing his college number again.

Jacksonville's "offensive weapon," listed on the depth chart at four positions, switched from No. 29 to No. 16 on Tuesday and plans to wear it the rest of the season.

Receiver Jordan Shipley had worn No. 16 since signing with the Jaguars last November. Shipley agreed to switch to No. 15 after receiver Taylor Price was waived Monday.

Robinson and Shipley declined to reveal what kind of deal they brokered. In fact, they didn't even have to arrange the swap. Since both are represented by SportsTrust, their agents handled the details.

Robinson says, "It means a lot to me. ... I took it from my brother. He wore 16. That was my role model. I wanted to copy him."