It's open season on Manziel spoofs

Johnny Manziel torched Oklahoma in last season's Cotton Bowl , to the tune of a record 516 total yards and four touchdowns in Texas A&M's 41-13 win.

But now that Manziel is finding himself in some potential hot water with the NCAA over his autograph scandal, Sooners fans are starting to fire back.

On Tuesday, a Toyota dealership in Norman, Okla., released this commercial, which ostensibly is a pitch to get you to lease a Camry. But it's rather clear that the ad is just as much a shot at Johnny Football as anything else:

The Toyota spot comes just a couple of days after a group called Think Squared Media posted a video (with a couple instances of NSFW language ) to YouTube spoofing LeBron James' "What Should I Do?" commercial for Nike in 2012:

Here, of course, is the original:

There's something almost apropos about companies shamelessly using Johnny Manziel's amateurism troubles to make money and gain notoriety, when the whole issue at hand stems from Manziel not being able to make money on his own name.

But you can expect that these ads and spoofs will continue and others will continue to profit off of Manziel's name for as long as Manziel is playing at the college level.