Heavy rain in Miami forces changes in Super Bowl plans

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By Simon Evans

DAVIE, Florida (Reuters) - Super Bowl week got underway in South Florida on Monday but the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints were greeted with heavy rain causing logistical problems.

Overnight strong showers continued throughout the day on Monday with localized flood warnings in some areas of Miami-Dade county.

The New Orleans Saints practice session, planned for the University of Miami, central to the city, was moved to the Miami Dolphins training center out in Broward County where there is an indoor training option.

The planned press conferences for the Saints coach Sean Payton and selected players was also moved to the Dolphins site and postponed by nearly two hours.

With rain expected to continue into at least Tuesday, organizers have already begun to adjust that day's plans.

Tuesday's traditional media day, a raucous carnival of comedy, talk-shows and a generally light-hearted interviews with non-sports media, has been moved inside from the playing field at Dolphin Stadium to the hospitality area at the venue, the NFL said.

This is the 10th Super Bowl to be held in the Miami area and the most recent, the game in February 2007, won by the Colts over the Chicago Bears, was played in heavy rain at the uncovered Dolphin Stadium.

(Reporting by Simon Evans in Miami)