Former Tennessee DB Darren Myles Jr. reaches plea deal related to April, July arrests

Prosecutors have dropped a charge of assaulting a police officer against Darren Myles Jr. after the former Tennessee defensive back reached a plea agreement that will have him on diversion until April 2012.

Myles, 19, pleaded guilty Thursday to charges of resisting arrest and public intoxication stemming from his April 18 arrest at a Knoxville restaurant and nightclub. He also pleaded guilty to evading arrest and resisting arrest after fleeing the scene of a July 9 bar brawl that involved many of his former teammates.

A charge of disorderly conduct from the April incident also was dismissed.

Myles' attorney, Don Bosch, said his client has been cooperative and apologetic.

"I regret my poor decisions that I made while I was at the University of Tennessee," Myles said in a statement released by Bosch. "I am sorry, and I realize that my choices affected and continue to affect my former teammates, coach (Derek Dooley), the university and the fans on many levels."

Myles' two-year sentence will be suspended unless he gets in further legal trouble.

His first arrest came after bouncers removed him from a restaurant and police spotted him riding on the hood of a vehicle in the parking lot. Police said in their report that Myles smelled of alcohol and was unsteady on his feet.

Myles was arrested again in July after University of Tennessee police spotted him hiding under a car and later in some bushes following a massive brawl at a bar near campus.

Volunteers coach Derek Dooley kicked the Atlanta native off the team after his July arrest. Bosch said Myles is hoping to enroll in a different school for the upcoming fall semester where he can continue to play football.

"He made some unfortunate mistakes that cost him the opportunity to play at the school of his first choice and to get his academic education. He is very sorry for that," Bosch said. "He has many close relationships here, and he'll continue those relationships. But this has cost him a tremendous amount."