Former NFL wide receiver Titus Young due in California court

Former Detroit Lions wide receiver Titus Young could face a warrant for his arrest Tuesday if he does not appear in court for a pre-trial hearing in an attempted burglary case amid his family's concerns about his mental health.

An Orange County Superior Court judge has placed a bench warrant for the 24-year-old Young on hold after at least two previous hearings where the former player was a no-show, including the latest one on Aug. 6.

Young, who was a second-round draft pick in 2011 but was released in February, has pleaded not guilty to four felonies and seven misdemeanors after being arrested outside a home in San Clemente on May 10.

The arrest came after a string of erratic behavior that began five days earlier, on May 5, in neighboring Riverside County. He was arrested there for suspicion of driving under the influence and arrested again 15 hours later after authorities say he was caught trying to retrieve his car from a tow yard in Moreno Valley, east of Los Angeles.

He was charged with misdemeanor trespassing in that matter and the case is still pending.

Young's ex-girlfriend also has filed a restraining order against him. They have a child together.

Young's attorney, Altus Hudson, did not return a call seeking comment.

Hudson told USA Today after the missed Aug. 6 hearing that Young was "in treatment," but would not say for what. "Titus continues to be safe and I am aware of where he is," the newspaper quoted Hudson as saying.

Prosecutor Susan Laird also did not return a call for comment before the hearing.

Young's family believes he is suffering from a mental disorder. His father, Richard Young, has said his son started changing after sustaining a concussion early in his rookie year with the Lions in 2011.

Troy Vincent, a former player who is the NFL's senior vice president for player engagement, has said he wasn't aware of Young having a concussion. Young rejected several offers of help after someone close to him contacted the league long before this spring's arrests, Vincent has said.

Young was released by the Lions after a drop in productivity and disruptive behavior, including punching a teammate and intentionally lining up incorrectly during a game.