New York Jets coach Rex Ryan will likely be fined between $75,000 and $100,000 for using profane language to a fan at halftime during last Sunday night’s game against the New England Patriots, according to ESPN.com.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is reviewing the facts of the incident one more time before rendering a final verdict, according to the site. The fine will come in north of the $50,000 the Jets fined Ryan when he made an obscene gesture to fans at a mixed martial arts event in Miami during Super Bowl week in 2010 and will be at least $75,000.

Ryan's brief exchange with the fan was caught on video and was making the rounds last week on the Internet.

"Hey, Rex, Belichick is better than you," the fan screamed to Ryan, who was walking off the field and into the locker room tunnel with the rest of the team at MetLife Stadium.

"Shut the f--- up," Ryan yelled back to the fan, who isn't seen in the video.

Ryan apologized last Monday.

"I was emotional, it was an emotional time," Ryan said. "I obviously made a mistake. I was full of emotion and just popped off. Obviously, I know I represent the National Football League, I know I represent the Jets, and I know it was a mistake. I apologize for it.