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New York Jets

Red-Hot Reporter Throws Flag at Gang Green

New York Jets accused of unsportsmanlike behavior

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  1. Brian Kilmeade's SportsBlog: Allegations Against Favre

    How consequences for Vikings' QB differ from other troubled athletes

  2. Fox Flash: Borat as Saddam


  3. NFL Superstars on Sunday's Big Game

    Chad Ochocinco, Darrelle Revis on season, Super Bowl

  4. Brian Kilmeade's SportsBlog: Favre Saga Continues

    Viking QB's weird apology; Bobby Cox retires

  5. Cashin' In: Illegal Immigration Audit

    What You Need to Know: IRS plan to use auditors to find illegals wastes money

  6. Favre in Hot Water?

    Allegations of inappropriate conduct against NFL quarterback

  7. SportsBlog: 12/4

    Will loyalty come to haunt Antonio Pierce?

  8. Deifying Obama?

    Father Jonathan Morris on recent videos, images showing Obama as a deity

  9. Dungy on New Book and Brett

    Colts head coach gives take on his new book, Brett Favre

  10. SportsBlog: 8/8

    Brian Kilmeade answers your emails

  11. Favre Dodges NFL Suspension

    Quarterback fined $50,000 for failing to cooperate with harassment investigation

  12. The Week Ahead 1/23

    Football and politics highlight the next 7 days

  1. SportsBlog: 9/22

    Prediction: Week 3 victory for New York Jets

  2. Coaching Carousel

    Will the New York Jets land Bill Cowher?

  3. Personal Foul for Foot Fetish Videos?

    Do Rex Ryan's foot fetish videos violate NFL's code of conduct?

  4. Massage Therapists Sue Favre, Jets

    Former Jets employees say they received sexually suggestive text messages from quarterback

  5. N.Y. Jets Reporter Tells Her Story

    TV Azteca's Ines Sainz blames the media for turning her treatment on the field into a sexual harassment controversy

  6. Brian Kilmeade's SportsBlog: Your E-mail

    Fans sound off on Brian and athletes

  7. Jets Cheerleaders Ready for Sunday's Big Game

    Flight Crew rally team, fans, city

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