David Guetta hits one million fan mark for Euro 2016 song

David Guetta has confirmed that one million fans have recorded with him as part of his official Euro 2016 song.

Guetta asked for help from fans of both music and football in December of 2015, calling on them to record a chant to be mixed into the official anthem, entitled 'This One's For You'.

"Thanks a million to everyone who recorded with me - it really is a collaboration like no other! I wanted to try something very special and put the fans at the heart of the UEFA Euro 2016 song," Guetta said.

"When I asked one million fans of music and football to record with me I didn't know how they would respond but the support from all over the world has been amazing. Now I've just got to mix them!"

'This One's For You', which is available to pre-order now, is to be released this spring, and will be performed by Guetta at both the opening and closing ceremonies of Euro 2016, as well as at a free concert beneath the Eiffel Tower.

UEFA has also confirmed that the music will be played within stadiums every time a goal is scored, in a bid to heighten the atmosphere at each fixture.

Euro 2016 kicks off on June 10, when hosts France play Romania.