Blind Arizona high school football player scores two touchdowns

Scoring two touchdowns in a game is great achievement for most high school running backs. It's an even bigger achievement when that player is blind.

Adonis Watt, who plays for the freshman team at Brophy Prep in Phoenix, says he relies on instinct and guts -- as well as his ears, to hear defenders coming.

"No point in being scared," Watt told the Arizona Republic earlier this month. "That's how you get injured."

Earlier in the month, Watt scored a 45-yard touchdown in the final minute of regulation as the other team pulled back its defense in a sign of good sportsmanship.

But this time, it was “all earned,” Brophy freshman coach Scott Heideman told the paper. The 14-year-old ran for two scores, from the 1- and 3-yard line, the Republic reported.

"We didn't even tell the officials this game," Heideman said, noting that the opponent -- Mesa Mountain View -- was defending.

Watt, who's a 6-foot-2, 140-pound freshman, has a rare condition called congenital glaucoma, which WebMD describes as a “group of diseases in which high fluid pressure in your eye damages the optic nerve.”