A Major League Baseball Hall of Famer launched a new cellphone app aimed at combating bullying in schools nationwide on Thursday.

The Cincinnati Reds catcher Johnny Bench launched his anti-bullying app called, “Smithfield School App" in downtown Cincinnati.

Bench hopes to help combat bullying in schools and wants to see every child protected as much as possible.

Smithfield School App said on their website that the app allows an incident reporting tool that helps students have, “a real time way to see something / say something.” The website said the app offers a “peace of mind” to both students and parents.

The app also allows teachers and administrators to notify parents of reports of bullying, cyber-bullying, threats, school closings and other alerts.

Nearly 5,000 schools nationwide are said to use the app. The schools will pay a $79 hosting fee every month, making it free for users.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.