Allyson Felix after heartbreaking loss: 'It just wasn't there tonight'

The Bahamas' Shaunae Miller edged American Allyson Felix in a thrilling 400m final Monday night by seven-hundreths of a second, crossing the finish line with a dive (which is completely legal, by the way).

Many viewers were outraged with the result, with some (foolishly) arguing that Miller cheated, and that Felix should have been the rightful winner. In a classy post-race interview on NBC, Felix herself admitted that she simply didn't run the race she wanted to.

"I don't know, it just wasn't there tonight. God has been so good to get me this far, it's been a fight all season. I just gave it all I had tonight.... It was tough, I was just trying to dig deep and find another gear."

Felix later said that she should have been quicker at the start of the race.

Via Time:

"I think I should have been a bit more aggressive. I might have let it get a bit away from me. I just feel emotionally and physically drained."