Will a deal with Iran hurt our relationship with Israel?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is urging President Barack Obama to keep tough economic sanctions on Iran in place. The United States is considering a restart of nuclear negotiations with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

Former United States Ambassador to Bahrain Adam Ereli told Foxnews.com LIVE’s Jonathan Hunt the White House should not be “fooled” by Rouhani’s regime.  While new developments between the United States and Iran seem promising – progress might be limited.

“We have taken steps we haven’t taken in over 30 years…it is a thaw, [but]I wouldn’t be overly enthusiastic,” said Ereli. “As everyone has said the devil is in the details and we’re going to see if they [Iran] walk the walk.”

As one of America’s strongest allies, Israel is quite skeptical over Iran reaching out to the White House. Ambassador Ereli explained what Prime Minister Netanyahu’s message might be to President Obama.

“You can’t change history or turn back the clock overnight,” said Ereli. “They [Iran] have a long track record of troublemaking and aggression against the United States and its allies; including Israel… we shouldn’t forget that.”

Debate remains over a possible timetable and how much time the United States would give Iran to comply in regards to their nuclear program.

“The key thing here is how much time are you going to give it,” said Ereli. “Are you going to let them play this out for years or a really quick timetable in terms of determining when progress is achieved and how quickly progressed is achieved.”

Ambassador Ereli says discussions might be a diversion for Tehran to advance their nuclear program.

“Talk is not always good…sometimes it’s a cover to produce, to advance your technology and weapons producing capability,” said Ereli. “We need to trust but verify.”

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