What to Watch Tomorrow

Obama on The Daily Show with John Stewart

President Obama will tape a segment of the "Daily Show with Jon Stewart" set to air Wednesday night. Stewart is in Washington DC all week, leading up to his "Rally to Restore Sanity" Saturday on the national mall. How much will it help Obama and the democrats close the gap on surging Republicans with less than a week before the midterm elections? Only time will tell. Meanwhile first lady Michelle Obama continues her west coast campaign adventure, appearing at a fundraising event with Dr. Jill Biden in California for Senator Barbara Boxer. Boxer is locked in a tight race with republican Carly Fiorina. Most polls show Boxer with a narrow lead, though some recent surveys suggest the race could be tightening.

GOP Comeback in New England

In the last 2 election cycles, every single Republican member of the House of Representatives from New England was ousted. All 22 congressional seats from the 6 New England states are currently held by Democrats, including New Hampshire, a state with no sales or income tax and a decade's long reputation for fiscal conservatism. But polls suggest that's about to change. Chief Political Correspondent Carl Cameron takes a look at the Republican resurgence in the Granite State and in New England where solid blue is turning purple.

Wisconsin Senate Race: The Best Ground Game Wins

The race for U.S. Senate seat in Wisconsin between incumbent Democrat Russ Feingold and businessman Republican Ron Johnson is a very tight race - the most recent poll shows Johnson up by 6 points. What both candidates and parties are doing on the ground to get voters to the polls for their respective candidates will be the difference. Fox News correspondent Steve Brown hits the ground in Wisconsin to check out the ground game - We Report, You Decide.

South Carolina Governor's Race

Nikki Haley surprised many when she won the South Carolina Republican primary for governor, beating out several more well-known candidates. She has the backing of most Republicans in the state, but there's a vocal minority who won't support her. That could open an opportunity for her Democratic opponent. Jonathan Serrie reports.

Colorado 7th District: A Reflection of the Nation

When Colorado's 7th Congressional District was created after the 2000 Census it became an instant political bellwether . Fighting between Democrats and Republicans resulted in a judge drawing the new district's boundaries. To be fair the judge made the 7th District evenly divided between voters registered as Republican, Democrat or Unaffiliated. The result is a district sometimes called the most competitive in the country, with a three-way split that mirrors voting divisions in Colorado and the nation as a whole. The seat was held by a Republican until 2007, when the district swung Democrat. Representative Ed Perlmutter was re-elected with a huge 27% margin of victory. This year, as the nation looks set to swing right, Perlmutter could be in trouble. The latest RCP Average has him running behind by a thin 1% to Republican Challenger Ryan Frazer.