Trump’s locked and loaded

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Buzz Cut:
• Trump’s locked and loaded
• Poll: Carson closes in on Trump
• Fiorina says she’s top-tier
• Baier Tracks: Bernie plan could Bern the economy
• What would doggie munchies even look like?

When Donald Trump delivers a speech on national security from the deck of a WWII era battleship on the Los Angeles waterfront today his message to rivals ahead of tomorrow’s debate is clear: If attacked, I’ve got broadsides loaded, ready to fire. Riding a wave of polls, the Republican frontrunner knows his target profile is high and that critics say foreign policy is a chink in his armor. So in typical Trump fashion, he’s none-to-subtly saying, bring it.   

The address aboard the USS Iowa before a conservative veterans group – which will reportedly focus on international challenges and veterans’ issues – gives Trump the opportunity to dispel questions over his knowledge of foreign affairs and strengthen his standing with the military community, which took a hit early on in his campaign over dismissive remarks about Sen. John McCain’s service record. Whether Trump, who has said he’d solve veterans’ health care issues by “firing everyone at the VA” will offer policy specifics is unclear.

One thing is clear: while the GOP field seeks to claim the Reagan mantle, Trump’s spectacle will convey an image of strength to a candidate with no military background, just hours before he takes center stage at the former president’s library.

[Watch Fox: Chief Political Correspondent Campaign Carl Cameron reports on Trumps speech from the Los Angeles waterfront]

And he’s is here to stay, or so he says - The Hill: “Trump had a message to his critics at a massive, sold-out rally in Dallas on Monday…‘I’m not going anywhere and we’re not going anywhere,’ Trump told a packed American Airlines Center, where an estimated 20,000 rallied. ‘We are killing it. They mentioned a little while ago about the silent majority — it’s back. And it’s not silent. Maybe we should call it the noisy, aggressive, wanting to win — wanting-to-win majority.’”

But still no details - Time: “The closest Trump got to discussing policy was when he said, ‘We’ve got to lower taxes for a lot of people. Corporations are paying far too much, middle income people are being decimated.’ He said he would announce a ‘great tax plan’ within the next few weeks.”

Club for Growth thwacks Trump in Iowa - In two visceral attack ads, the political arm of the conservative group Club for Growth targets Donald Trump as “the worst Republican candidate on economic issues” according to their president David McIntosh. The ads will run in Iowa on all platforms including broadcast, cable, satellite television as well as on digital media. The total ad buy exceeds $1 million.

Poll: Carson closes in on Trump -  CBS News: “At 27 percent nationally, Donald Trump maintains his frontrunner status among Republican primary voters, but Ben Carson is now close behind him, a new CBS News/New York Times poll finds. Carson’s support has risen significantly since early August, from 6 percent then, to 23 percent now, putting him in second place…. Trump has a slight edge among the most conservative voters, while the race is close among women and Tea Party supporters. Trump holds a larger lead among men and evangelical voters. And while Trump leads Carson among voters who have not graduated from college, 30 percent to 19 percent, among college graduates, Carson has 29 percent to Trump's 21 percent.

Walker tweaks reboot amid talk of staff moves - Wash Ex: “…The governor’s team said it has decided to redouble its efforts in the early primary states and will focus on detailing his specific policy proposals. Ed Goeas, a Walker senior adviser and veteran Republican pollster, said he has not heard any talk about bringing in the super PAC’s advisers, and added that the campaign is instead focused on its ‘organizational muscle’ in early nominating states.”

[Ambassador John Bolton replaces Walker at the California Republican Party Fall Convention this Saturday. Walker was supposed to headline the event, but withdrew to focus on early state primaries, according to an event release.]

Fiorina says she’s top-tier - In an interview with the Wash Ex, Carly Fiorina said, “My name ID remains the lowest in the field, and so once again, this is a big opportunity to introduce myself. But now, obviously I’m introducing myself as a real contender in the top tier.”

[Taking criticism from Donald Trump and turning it into a positive spin, Fiorina’s PAC released a web ad featuring all types of women. Fiorina says, “look at all of your faces – the face of leadership.”]

Jeb PAC potentially could spend highest TV ad campaign in political history - Boston Globe: “The super PAC supporting former Florida governor Jeb Bush plans to begin airing what could be the most expensive television advertising campaign in the history of presidential primary politics. On Tuesday, Right to Rise, will begin airing $1.2 million worth of ads on Boston, New Hampshire, and cable stations. A digital campaign and radio advertising will also begin in days. In addition to New Hampshire, the ads will air in Iowa, followed by the next week beginning in South Carolina.” Watch the ad here.

Could Jeb do with a little dose of Dubya? - Boston Globe writer Joan Vennochi writes that in this year’s election season the “brainier” Bush needs to get a dose of big brother's real politicking talents writing, “George W. Bush didn’t need an exclamation point next to his name to connote excitement…he was very good at retail politics and at relating to average voters — the exact opposite of Jeb, who is having trouble exciting them.”

Rubio rumbles in ‘MNF’ vid - Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., highlighted his college athlete days with a web video that features the Florida senator catching footballs and answering questions. Rubio also poked fun at his water bottle moment from the State of the Union response a few years back saying when prepping for a big game or big speech “make sure there is water nearby, like right now” catching a bottle of water that’s tossed to him.

Top Romney advisor joins Rubio team - WaPo:Lanhee Chen, one of the Republican Party’s most sought-after policy experts, said Monday he has signed on to Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign and will counsel the Florida senator on issues foreign and domestic. As policy director on Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign, Chen was the GOP’s nominee’s chief policy adviser and a senior strategist.”

As fall rolls around and the breeze changes from a cozy greeting to a chilly whisper, many people turn to hearty comfort foods like a warm bowl of tomato basil soup with a toasty grilled cheese made from…pigs? Well, that might be an option for some big-spending cheese lovers because pig’s milk cheese is now on the market. As Food World News reports, “…A family-run farm in the Netherlands has produced the world’s first cheese made from pig’s milk.  And it is more costly than the former most expensive cheese which is from Balkan donkey milk…the process of getting milk from pigs was labour-intensive, only managing to produce a few [gallons] of milk with as many as ten people working…After 40 hours of milking the pigs and several failed attempts, they were able only to produce a few pounds of cheese from the pig’s milk.  From [one pound] of cheese that was produced, a part of it was sold to an anonymous buyer who said that the cheese tasted ‘chalky and a little bit salty.’  This exclusive cheese was sold for a whooping price of $2,300 per [pound].”

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Real Clear Politics Averages
Obama Job Approval:
Approve – 46.3 percent//Disapprove – 49.9 percent
Directions of Country: Right Direction – 28.6 percent//Wrong Track – 62.4 percent

“More and more Democrat voters are ‘Feeling the Bern’ lately, expressing support for the surging Senator Bernie Sanders. He’s seeing huge crowds in early primary and caucus states and even got a warm reception Monday at conservative Liberty University. Most of the stories about Sanders explore the groundswell of support for the independent socialist senator who wants to be the Democrats’ nominee.

But this piece in the WSJ explores the actual cost of the policies that Sanders is proposing on the trail. This is an eye opener! 18 trillion dollars in new spending. Trillion with a T.  Remember that the country faces a national debt that has surpassed 18 trillion dollars and is currently climbing quickly to 20 trillion dollars.  At 24 trillion – many experts believe the country starts to crater from the debt burden.  If interest rates increase one percentage point today – the country will be paying more for interest on the national debt than we spend on the Pentagon budget. We could continue to roll out the stats.

For Bluedog Democrats – the fiscally conservative Democrats – a shrinking breed in Congress, those numbers are scary. But, now ‘Feeling the Bern’ is the flavor of the moment for Democrats – we’ll see if ‘Seeing the Price tag’ affects that momentum at all” - Bret Baier.

Bernie says we need to talk to those with differing views - WSJ: “When [Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.] of Vermont–the least religious state in the U.S.–spoke [at Liberty University] on Monday, a few of his supporters were in attendance…The candidate began by emphasizing his support for gay rights and said he is pro-choice. Then he said: ‘I believe from the bottom of my heart that it is vitally important for those of us who hold different views to be able to engage in a civil discourse.’”

Hillary emails show five-month gap - Daily Caller: “Five months’ worth of messages are missing from the emails former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton returned to the government, according to documents newly obtained by the watchdog group Judicial Watch. ‘A five month email gap,’ Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said at the non-profit group’s inaugural Leadership Summit Monday. ‘I want an explanation about that.’ Some of the gaps were as long as a month or more, Fitton said.”

Hillary: Bubba as VP has ‘crossed my mind’ - Hillary Clinton sat down with “Extra” in an interview Monday on a wide range of topics from Kim Kardashian to her husband Bill. The former secretary of state said the idea of her husband as Vice President has “crossed my mind” but unfortunately, she points out, under the constitution he would not be eligible to succeed her if necessary.

NYT: “The plans, laid out by the [Democratic party’s] top election lawyers in an emergency request filed with the Federal Election Commission on Friday, would pave the way for the creation of a host of new super PACs tailored to individual House and Senate candidates. But the filing also suggests that Democrats would, if allowed, seek to use tactics pioneered by Republican presidential candidates this cycle, helping prospective candidates establish and raise money for super PACs before they officially declare their intent to run.”

TheStreet: “The cannabis industry is getting a whole new class of potential customers: our dogs and cats. Denver-based Dixie Brands is launching a new line of pet wellness products made with industrial hemp. ‘Immediately, I want to debunk the myth: Those four-legged family members are not going to experience a high,’ explained Tripp Keber, CEO of Dixie Brands…Dixie Brands’ pet products line, called Therabis, is marketed as targeting common pet problems such as separation anxiety and itching. Therabis products will launch in November and initially will be sold online, but Keber said there is already significant retail interest. According to the Therabis Web site, the products are ‘harnessing the power of hemp to make your best friends feel better.’”

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