Trump seeks advice from Bob Dole

Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump is seeking advice from one of his predecessors, former Republican presidential nominee Bob Dole.

"He's called me twice," Dole said on CNN. "He called me last week, said he'll be calling me again this week. We just had a nice visit and I suggested maybe lower the rhetoric, and I put a plug in for Newt Gingrich because I know Newt."

It's a counterintuitive move for Trump to turn to the former Kansas senator, who lost his bid to unseat Bill Clinton in 1996, given Trump's outsider reputation. But Dole voiced a preference for Trump over Texas Sen. Ted Cruz during the GOP primary and now he's offering advice about whom the real estate mogul should pick as a running mate.

"I've watched Newt the past several months and I believe he'd be a real asset," Dole said. "He knows people, people in politics in the House and the Senate respect him and he would be a big big help to Donald Trump."