Trump rips 'rigged' system after FBI recommends no charges against Clinton

Declaring "the system is rigged," Donald Trump slammed presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton at a North Carolina rally Tuesday.

Speaking hours after FBI Director James Comey announced that no criminal charges would be sought against Clinton over Clinton's handling of classified information on her private server while secretary of state, Trump said she had put the "entire country in danger."

The real estate mogul also insisted that Clinton's server was likely hacked into by foreign governments.

"Our enemies may have a blackmail file on 'Crooked Hillary,'" Trump said, using his preferred nickname for Clinton,"and this alone means she should not be allowed to serve as President of the United States."

Trump also accused Clinton of going to "extraordinary lengths to carry out an Enron-style purge of her emails ... like a criminal with a guilty conscience.

"The laws are explicit," Trump added. "Stupidity is not a reason for anyone to be innocent. And I don’t happen to believe that it was stupidity."

Despite not recommending charges against Clinton, Comey said the FBI found that 110 emails were sent or received on Clinton's server containing classified information. In addition, the FBI director said seven email chains were classified at the “Top Secret/Special Access Program level” when they were sent and received on Clinton’s server.

Trump called the decision not to charge Clinton "a total miscarriage of justice" in an interview with Fox News' Bill O'Reilly Tuesday night.

"She knew what was going on, and frankly, even if she didn't know, what she did was wrong," Trump said.

In his speech, Trump contrasted the non-indictment of Clinton with prosecutions of other officials for mishandling classified information.

"Other people have been hurt by ... so much less than crooked Hillary Clinton," Trump said. "Does that mean we [expunge] their record? Does that mean we have to exonerate everybody? Take back the punishment we gave them?"

Trump also mocked Attorney General Loretta Lynch over her meeting with Bill Clinton at the Phoenix airport last week, specifically Lynch's claim that the visit was strictly social and included discussion of Clinton's grandchildren and golf.

"You can't talk about golf that long," Trump said." I don't think they went over the swing, the technique. The plane's too small."

Later, Trump accused Clinton of bribing Lynch by referencing a New York Times report that said Clinton would consider keeping Lynch as attorney general if she's elected president.

"It's a bribe!" yelled Trump, claiming that Lynch may have believed that she'd have four more years on the job if she let Clinton off the hook.

"It's a disgrace!" Trump repeated. "It's a disgrace!"

The Associated Press contributed to this report.