Taxpayers to Pay $27M for Lowercase Street Signs in NYC

New York City has begun the estimated $27.6 million process of swapping out street signs so they comply with new federal regulations.

The Federal Highway Administration is requiring the city's Department of Transportation to change uppercase letters to a combination of upper and lower, saying it will improve safety. The administration says studies show motorists find it easier to read lowercase signs.

The city has 250,000 street signs, and the new signs will cost $110 each. Officials say the city will have 11,000 changed by the end of this fiscal year, but already replaces about 8,000 signs a year due to wear and tear.

The new federal regulations also call for a change in font for street signs to a specially-designed typeface called Clearview.

Municipalities across the country are also expected to comply with the changes, and will have until 2018 to do so.

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