Statement from Verizon EVP to employees regarding report of phone records seized

Verizon EVP Randy Milch released the following statement to his employees:

You may have seen stories in the news about a top secret order Verizon allegedly received to produce certain calling information to the U.S. government.

We have no comment on the accuracy of The Guardian newspaper story or the documents referenced, but a few items in these stories are important.  The alleged court order that The Guardian published on its website contains language that:

compels Verizon to respond;

forbids Verizon from revealing the order's existence; and

excludes from production the "content of any communication . . . or the name, address, or financial information of a subscriber or customer."

Verizon continually takes steps to safeguard its customers' privacy.  Nevertheless, the law authorizes the federal courts to order a company to provide information in certain circumstances, and if Verizon were to receive such an order, we would be required to comply.