Ron Paul tribute video to air at GOP convention

The Republican National Convention will feature a short film about Rep. Ron Paul, as part of a tribute Tuesday night to the Texas congressman who competed again this year for the presidential nomination.

The Romney campaign announced the tribute on a conference call Friday. Several Paul colleagues will speak in the video about the congressman's principles and dedication to his country, according to the campaign. The tribute to the longtime Texas congressman was sought by Paul supporters and eventually endorsed by the Romney campaign.

The overall theme of the Republican National Convention is "A Better Future." Each day will have a sub-theme, with Monday's being "We Can Do Better." Ann Romney is slated to speak Monday night. On Tuesday, the theme will be, "We Built That," and speakers such as Ohio Gov. John Kasich and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will highlight the theme of the day during their remarks.

As part of Wednesday's convention theme, "We Can Change It," speakers will emphasize the party's middle-class agenda and its commitment to creating more jobs and higher take-home pay, according to the campaign. Wednesday's lineup will include Puerto Rico Governor Luis Fortuño and vice presidential pick Paul Ryan.

Thursday's theme will be, "We Believe in America." Romney's story will be told and Romney will give his speech that night, accepting the party's nomination. As part of telling Romney's story, many figures from his past will be featured, including 2002 Olympians and leaders of the LDS Church.

The convention will begin on Monday with a roll call vote of delegates. The vote will confirm Romney as the Republican nominee for president. Following his acceptance Thursday, the Romney campaign will be legally permitted to spend general election funds.