Reports of ObamaCare fraud emerge in Tennessee

Scam artists have seemingly found a friend in ObamaCare.

Reports are emerging that shysters are using Tennessee residents’ relative lack of knowledge about the new health care law to defraud them.

Scam artists, for example, are making calls claiming they need Social Security numbers to sign people up for a new ObamaCare insurance card, according to a statement from the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance.

“We’ve been made aware of one scam, in particular,” said TDCI spokeswoman Kate Abernathy.

“One of our navigator agencies let us know that there was an individual calling people saying that he or she could have walked him through the application process for $100 for a navigator certified application counselor service, but that information is completely incorrect. That is a free service that is supposed to remain free.”

The federal government, along with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, began sending out advisories against possible fraud related to ObamaCare many months ago, Abernathy said.

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