Reporters Notebook: President Obama at the Briefing

President Obama has made an appearance in the briefing room!

* The President talked to the press about the meeting he had with Democratic and Republican leaders. He said it went well and joked the two sides were outside making snow angels on the lawn.

* Obama went on to say he is going to work with both parties and seek the best ideas on the challenges ahead.

* Obama said in the meeting the two sides discussed the jobs package which is set to come up next on the hill.

* Obama is going to create a fiscal commission by executive order after losing support in the Senate.

* And the President spoke about nominations getting held up in the Senate, and his opposition to the "delay and obstruct" tactics.

* The President said if the Senate does not act to confirm the nominees in limbo he will make recess appointments.

And then the President took some questions...Read on to see who got the first one.....

Major Garrett got the first question and asked the President about the comments from John Boehner about scratching the entire health care legislation as it stands:

* Obama said he told Boehner exactly what he is telling everyone else and that unless there's a handle on health care, the US cannot deal with long term debt.

* He also said health insurance abuses have to end and so do high costs.

* And the President said that both John Boehner and Mitch McConnell agree that we "can't continue with business as usual"

* The President said the way to protect consumers in the financial markets is to create legislation so that there are no banks "too big to fail".

* And he said, the sooner the business community thinks Washington "has its act together" the better off the country will be.

* President Obama was also asked about energy. He said he believes there should be a bi-partisan agreement on energy.

* He said the country who leads the air in "clean energy" is going to win the race in the 21st century global economy. But he said there's no way to convert to an all-solar or all-wind technology overnight!

* Obama said on Iran and sanctions: the process is moving along quickly. He said "we have bent over backwards" to tell Iran we're willing to have a constructive conversation for the country to re-enter as full members of the international community.

* He said the offer to provide conversion of uranium is a clear sign of willingness to help the nation and they rejected it.