Rep. Upton: Republican bill a ‘better solution’ than Obama’s health care fix

The Republican congressman behind a proposal that would allow insurers to continue selling health plans that would otherwise be banned under ObamaCare told Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren Thursday his solution is “a better answer” than the president's to fix the health law.

Rep. Fred Upton of Michigan said on “On the Record” that Obama’s solution “discriminates” against some Americans because it only allows people to keep their current plans. Upton’s bill would not only allow Americans to keep the health plan they like, it would also allow others to purchase those plans if they wished.

“Ours allows – if a plan met the test, anyone can purchase it,” he said. “His plan is, in essence from what I understand, just people that had it and nobody else so it really discriminates against other folks.”

Upton also raised concerns Obama would change the terms of who can keep their insurance again in the future.

“We want certainty to this. Who’s to say he doesn’t change his mind a week or two or maybe even a few months down the road,” Upton said. “That’s why our bill is a better answer – because who knows how his executive order is going to be tested?”

The House of Representatives is planning to vote on Upton’s bill Friday.