President Obama: "I need to say No to desserts more Often"

Monday morning after an education speech, President Obama decided to stroll through park back to the White House instead of taking his motorcade. Granted, it was just a few minutes from the speech site at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce across the street to the White House but the President told reporters who were with him, he wanted to "make sure that I'm working off some of that cholesterol."

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Test results from the President's Sunday physical show his LDL cholesterol level slightly elevated at 138 and his doctor recommended getting it down under 130.

During Monday's briefing, press secretary Robert Gibbs said the President admitted to him during the helicopter ride back from the National Naval Medical Center, "I need to say no to desserts more often."  Gibbs explained that not only do social events play a factor in the president's eating habits but there's a fully staffed kitchen as well.  "I think most people will tell you that, if it's're more likely to eat it, Gibbs told reporters, "and I think he's had more access to sweets and desserts in the past year...he's on more than one occasion sampled more than he needed to."