New Dem ad: 'Ain't nobody gonna take' my guns away

Democratic Rep. John Barrow is packing heat in a new ad touting his National Rifle Association endorsement.

In the commercial, the Georgia congressman shows off a pistol his grandfather used "to stop a lynching" and a rifle his father had "just to keep us safe." The commercial ends with Barrow closing the bolt on the rifle and saying that he approves this message because "these are my guns now, and ain't nobody gonna take them away."

Barrow is in the fight of his life, as the redistricting process has made his 12th District more Republican.

The few Democrats who receive NRA endorsements typically promote them with verve. One of the most memorable ads of the 2010 election cycle featured Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., taking "dead aim" at a copy of a cap and trade energy bill and shooting it with a rifle.