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National Rifle Association

Giffords' Surgeon: U.S. Needs Better Gun Background Checks

NRA president Wayne LaPierre on Tucson shooting, gun control laws

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  1. Under Fire

    NRA releases barrage of anti-Obama ads in swing states

  2. Chamber of Commerce Responds to White House Attacks

    Group says it complies 'rigorously with all federal laws'

  3. Hourly Update

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  4. Gun Rights

    Report: Some firearms owners fear an Obama presidency would threaten the future of gun legislation

  5. Employee Free Choice Act

    Powerful Democrat teaming with labor groups to push secret ballot ban

  6. 'Very Troubling'

    Sen. Jeff Sessions fears Supreme Court nominee Sotomayor will inject her opinions into decisions

  7. Gun Battle

    Critic attacks NRA ads that blast Obama's record

  8. Panel Plus: 10/31

    Which races will the 'Fox News Sunday' panel be looking at on Election Day?

  1. Controlling Guns at the Border

    Federal effort to track arms into Mexico comes under fire

  2. President Calls for New 'Common Sense' Gun Control

    NRA president on Obama's stance on gun laws

  3. New Jersey Lawmaker Takes Aim at Gun Laws

    State senator calls on Congress to renew ban on high-capacity gun magazines

  4. Democrats Voice Support for Second Amendment

    National Rifle Association CEO on Democrats' move to the center

  5. Gingrich: Obama Administration 'Out of Sync with the Modern Media'

    Former House Speaker sounds off on the legal battles over the Arizona immigration bill and health care, the tug of war over Bush tax cuts and more

  6. Terror Loophole?

    Gun laws to blame for Fort Hood tragedy?

  7. Judging Sotomayor

    Sen. Jeff Sessions previews Sotomayor confirmation hearings