Napolitano: Clinton presumed to know ‘what is top secret and what is not’ in email server

Judge Andrew Napolitano told viewers Thursday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that when it comes to Hillary Clinton’s knowledge of the data in her email servers, she is presumed to have known in the years she served as secretary of state “what is top secret and what is not.”

Napolitano’s comments came as more details continue to emerge about the sensitive information in Clinton’s private server.

Clinton aides have repeatedly suggested that email she sent on private email wasn’t classified at the time, and suggested that the didn’t know information was classified because it wasn’t marked as such.

One document in particular found on Clinton’s server, which Napolitano described as "a satellite view of a foreign country," has raised concerns over whether she knew if it was labeled ‘top secret.'

“If somebody removed the top secret terminology on it, that person committed a felony,” Napolitano said. “But she is presumed to know what is top secret, whether it is stamped top secret or not.”