Mercedes Schlapp: Dems 'stand very united' on open borders while Republicans 'splinter off'

The White House strategic communications senior adviser, Mercedes Schlapp, delivered what could be considered a backhanded compliment to Democrats on Wednesday, saying the party is showing unity -- on unsafe open borders.

Schlapp appeared on “The Story” to discuss the Trump administration’s attempts to fight the escalating opioid crisis in part through reinforcement of the southern border with Mexico.

When asked why there isn’t more support over Trump’s national emergency declaration and effort to bolster border security, she said Democrats “stand very united” on “open borders and crime,” while Republicans seemed to splinter off” during voting.


“It is clear that the president has made his case to declare a national emergency. It’s been done 60 times before by former presidents on less important issues,” Schlapp told Fox News’ Ed Henry.

“Because what we’re seeing right now is this emergency happening where, in essence, our Border patrol agents are spending more time processing illegal aliens than they are focused on border security, on monitoring what is happening on the border.”            

Fox News' Ed Henry contributed to this report.