Latino Vote: After Election, Immigrant Community Can Dream Again

Overall, Clark County saw nearly 700,00 voters show up to the polls and that turnout is especially important for the Latino community.

"We are very excited where we are going to be headed and hopefully this is the best decision for our country," said Astrid Silva.

Silva, a local activist and Dreamer, has something exciting to smile about.

"I have my fingerprint appointment for my deferred action tomorrow morning. After that I'm hoping to be approved and have normal things like learning how to drive, be able to get a job and be able to pay my education with," added Silva.

A dream that could soon become a reality for thousands of Latinos who voted.

"We definitely need the Dream Act and we need to recover our economy," added Silva.

"Eighteen percent of the vote was from the Latinos. That is also a record turnout that I think was decisive for both the president and for many other races in the ballot," said State Sen. Ruben Kihuen.

Kihuen said continuing to educate the fastest growing minority group in the country can be difficult but not impossible.

"It's gotten to the point here in the state of Nevada where no candidate is going to be able to win the presidency or some of the federal races or state-wide races without winning the Latino vote," added Kihuen.

For years, the Latino community has been known as the sleeping giant that is no longer asleep.

"The Latino community is now voting, participating in the campaigns and as you saw for the president, approximately 70 percent of Latinos supported him," added Kihuen.

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