Kathleen Sebelius: Obama isn't pursuing single-payer health care

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Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on Thursday shot down the idea that President Obama should pursue the type of single-payer health care championed by many of his liberal allies.

During a brief interview with HuffPost Live, Sebelius was asked whether Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats should be voted out of office so the administration could implement a single-payer system.

“What the president really focused on was filling the gap and made a decision that’s uniquely American, which is to stick with the private insurance market and make sure the kinds of plans that existed in workplaces also were available to people regardless of what kind of job they had,” Sebelius responded.

“The president felt it was better not to disrupt the entire marketplace, but really to focus on where we had a real gap in the system,” she added.

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