Joe Concha: Biden is ‘pursuing the highest office’ by ‘pleading the Fifth’

Not talking to the press and saying 'Donald Trump is bad' is 'not a winning strategy' for Biden, Concha says

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Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is “pursuing the highest office in the land by pleading the Fifth,” the Hill's media reporter Joe Concha told “Fox & Friends” on Monday reacting to the fact that the former vice president did not hit the campaign trail over the weekend while President Trump campaigned in Nevada.

Speaking in Las Vegas on Sunday, Trump said, “He’s [Biden’s] in his basement right now and he’s saying, ‘What do I do?’”

“He calls his handlers, ‘What do I do about this?’ He hasn't left in two an a half days. In the meantime I'm all over the place,” Trump continued.

CBS reporter Kathryn Watson questioned why Biden wasn’t campaigning more after news broke that the former vice president was not expected to have public events Saturday.

“Not sure why Biden isn't doing more to show he can outwork Trump,” Watson tweeted Saturday in response to Politico reporter Jake Sherman announcing a lid had been called in Wilmington, Del., meaning no events for Biden.

“And yes I realize there's a pandemic and he shouldn't be out shaking hands. But he has a team of experienced people at his disposal to think up creative ways to campaign safely,” she added.

“I have never seen someone pursuing the highest office in the land by pleading the fifth,” Concha said Monday reacting to Biden’s absence from campaign events over the weekend.

“Basically Joe Biden is taking a knee in the third quarter of a four-quarter game, and the problem is that he does himself no favors with the debates just two weeks away,” Concha added.

“It's like going into a heavyweight fight without sparring or training.”

Concha then brought up a quote from former undisputed world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson: "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

“Believe me two weeks from now when Chris Wallace is moderating that first debate in Cleveland, he’s [Biden’s] going to get punched in the mouth with questions that he has not heard before because he’s not doing any tough interviews, and he’ll be ill prepared as a result of that,” Concha said.

Biden only recently jumped back onto the campaign trail after spending much of the pandemic campaigning virtually from his Delaware home. He went months without hosting a press conference or talking to reporters. Trump, meanwhile, has been hosting rallies across the U.S.


"Fox & Friends" host Steve Doocy noted that the Hillary Clinton campaign implemented “the exact same strategy” leading up to the 2016 election until “she got dragged into the spotlight with the email server” controversy.

Concha noted that Clinton “went 270 days during the 2016 campaign without doing a press conference, and that is not a good thing because you allow your opponent to define you, and that's what's happening with Joe Biden right now.”

Concha noted that “the people that are going to vote against Donald Trump are going to do so,” but Biden is not doing anything to attract the independent voters in battleground states, who he pointed out “decide elections.”


“Joe Biden isn't doing himself any favors whatsoever in not talking about what he will do for the American people from an optimistic or positive perspective,” Concha said.

“Just saying, ‘Donald Trump is bad and I'm not going to talk to the press’ is not a winning strategy.”

Fox News’ Morgan Phillips contributed to this report.