Ted Sporer does not hold back.

The Des Moines attorney is a long-time operative in Iowa Republican politics.

On Wednesday, Sporer posted on Facebook page, "There r crazier ideas. I like the hermanator."‘The Hermanator' is the nickname often used for presumptive presidential candidate Herman Cain. The former head of Godfathers Pizza has been working hard in Iowa and is getting noticed.

Certainly, Sporer has noticed.

"Now he's a long, long, long shot," says Sporer, "but like I said, there are crazier ideas."

Sporer believes it is essential for the 2012 GOP presidential nominee to break from the status quo, and not be a part of the "Republican establishment, because the Republican establishment is wedded to the system."

Now, Sporer wants to make it clear, where Cain concerned, "I'm not sold yet." But again he likes what he's seen in Cain.

Also getting Sporer's eye, Donald Trump.

"Imagine how fun that campaign would be."