Charles Hurt, political columnist for the Washington Times, told viewers Wednesday on "Special Report with Bret Baier" that Donald Trump is turning around his political fortune after his opponent's recent health scare and newly leaked emails.

"If things continue to go into his direction, it could seal it away for him, " Hurt said.

Clinton's email problems have continued to dog her, with the latest update coming from leaked communications by her predecessor, former Secretary of State Colin Powell. Powell vented in emails to friends that Clinton tried to rope him into her email controversy after he told her he never used a personal server.

On Sunday Clinton left a 9/11 commemoration ceremony early due to a "medical episode," before it took her campaign hours to inform the public that Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia in the days leading up to the ceremony.

"The big thing we have seen over the last couple of weeks is that coming out of the Democratic convention, the question was is Donald Trump fit to be president?" Hurt said.

"They kind of flipped that around now, and people are asking is Hillary Clinton fit to be president? And that's to Donald Trump's advantage," he added.