Greg Gutfeld: Mayor Pete Buttigieg came off 'small' during town hall

"The Five" co-host Greg Gutfeld reacted to South Bend, Ind. Mayor Pete Buttigieg performance at a town hall this weekend saying he came off as "small."

"Everyone is doing a segment on Mayor Pete now. Some guy almost nobody knew four months ago and that's the curse of the spotlight. The spotlight cuts both ways," Gutfeld said Monday of the Democratic presidential candidate.

Sunday's town hall devolved into chaos as the city struggled to respond to a deadly police-involved shooting last week that evoked racial tensions in the Indiana city.

Buttigieg said he would send a letter to the Justice Department requesting that its civil rights division look into the June 16 shooting of 54-year-old Eric Logan, who was black. The mayor added that he would notify the local prosecutor that he'd like an independent investigator appointed.


Gutfeld then suggested the attention Buttigieg wanted from running for president may end up doing more harm to the mayor than good.

"He was probably thinking in his head, you know what, I'm not going to end up being the nominee but this going to be good for me later because... I'll be on the debates and everyone will think I'm awesome but then people find out you can't even run your city. How are you going to run a country?" Gutfeld said.

"The Greg Gutfeld Show" host also criticized Buttigieg's demeanor during the meeting and while addressing protesters Friday.

"It's really hard in that kind of situation to remain calm when you are faced with an emotional situation. But looking down at your notes and saying, you know, 'I didn't ask you to vote for me,'" Gutfeld said. "He came off as a really small candidate."


Co-host Jesse Watters advised Buttigieg to address the issue during this week's presidential debate.

"He needs to nationalize this issue if he wants any hope for rebounding from this. He needs to make it a core he needs to talk about it at the debate and that's the only shot he has," Watters said.