Former Clinton adviser says president's comments on ObamaCare shouldn't be overstated

James Carville, former campaign strategist for President Bill Clinton, downplayed his critique Tuesday of the troubled ObamaCare rollout, telling Fox News’ Megyn Kelly that Clinton “supports the law in a big way” and was only talking about a narrow segment of it.

Clinton said in an interview Tuesday Obama should live up to his promise to Americans that if they like their health plans, they can keep them.

Carville said Clinton’s comments should not be overblown, as the former president “was very clear” he was only commenting on a portion of the health care overhaul.

“Let’s be honest we are talking about a very small part of the law, we’re not talking about the whole law,” Carville said. “He completely supports the law that it is. Any law that you make that is this magnitude you are gonna have to change parts of it, so we shouldn’t overstate what the president said.”

Carville added that Americans must remember many in the individual market were already having their plans cancelled before ObamaCare was implemented.

“The idea that somehow no one got their insurance cancelled before 2010 is just absurd,” Carville said.