Florida Governor Rick Scott Waits For a Waiver

"It is a disaster." That's what Governor Rick Scott, R-Fl. had to say on Fox News about the Federal health care law. His state was one of 12 that has applied for or received a waiver from the new law.

Scott says it is going "cause the cost of insurance to go up. So, the employers that are paying for it or the individuals paying for it won't be able to afford it. So more people will either be unemployed or go on the Medicaid rolls."

The most recent round of health care waivers went to New Hampshire and Nevada. Several others were also received by more than three dozen plus businesses in House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's district, something Governor Scott says "doesn't make sense."

"It seems like politics, and the federal government is picking winners and losers out of all of this," said Scott.

Governor Scott has long been against President Obama's Affordable Care Act, forming the for-profit group Conservatives for Patients' Rights in March of 2009. The group ran a media campaign against the law.

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