Fewer protests than expected as Republican National Convention wraps in Cleveland

Donald Trump’s polarizing presidential campaign may have had many on edge about what to expect at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. But what took place was four days of relatively peaceful protests and few flare-ups.

“It’s been unexpected – and positive,” Sasha Cohen, 19, told FoxNews.com on Thursday from the public square where many of the demonstrations took place. “When we see gas masks we get nervous. It’s been a mix of surprise and support.”

Standing nearby were Tracey Jones and Jarnes Kearnes, members of Bikers for Trump, who both told FoxNews.com that they had come to the convention to watch the demonstrations.

“It’s been different,” Kearnes said of the various protests and rallies.

New Jersey residents Len Khodorkovsky and his son Natan had a different experience.

Khodorkovsky, who is from the former Soviet Union, was called a “cracker jack” and told to “go back home” by protestors. For his son, who just graduated high school, the experience was jarring.

“I’ve been screaming USA…and I am not used to shouting,” he told FoxNews.com.

More than 3,000 law enforcement officers from more than a dozen states worked in unison to create a safe environment for convention-goers.

The week saw only one significant demonstration – which came Wednesday when officers made 18 arrests after a protester attempted to light an American flag on fire outside the security barrier. Two officers had been pushed and punched and sustained minor injuries.

Since the convention began, there have been 23 arrests.