A loosely-organized Christian movement that believes Jesus Christ will return to Earth this weekend has attracted some unusual followers, including the official Twitter account of the District of Columbia's Department of Transportation.

"Sorry, we will no longer be able to fill your potholes after Saturday," read one Tweet posted on the agency's account at about 1 p.m. Thursday.

Minutes later, someone with access to the agency's account posted: "I guess I should have been a little less subtle. I was kidding. Or was I?"

The original message was reposted by at least 19 other Twitter users as of Thursday afternoon. One user playfully responded by asking the department to make a swift repair before Jesus returns.

LauriecDC wrote: "Can you fill that one I asked for on 2700 block of Devonshire Pl before Saturday?"

District Department of Transportation spokesman John Lisle, who said in a local 2010 interview that he set up the Twitter account in an effort to more quickly address the city's numerous pothole complaints, told FoxNews.com that the messages were an "attempt at humor" and were not intended to offend anyone.

"Occasionally, we post humor, or our attempt at humor, for the folks who follow us on a regular basis," Lisle said. "No offense was intended; it was intended to try to be funny. Whether it was successful or not, I don't know."

Shortly after speaking to FoxNews.com, another tweet followed:  "Got a call from Fox News Online about my tweet. Better stop trying to be funny."

The apocalyptic prediction originates with Harold Camping, an 89-year-old retired civil engineer from Oakland, Calif., who founded Family Radio Worldwide, an independent ministry that has broadcast his prediction around the world, the Associated Press reports.